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    Columbia Campus
  Dec 07, 2023
2009-2010 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin 
2009-2010 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin [Archived Catalog]

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Marja Warehime, Chair

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The department offers undergraduate majors in classics, comparative literature, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish, all leading to the bachelor of arts degree. The department offers minors in ancient Greek, classical studies, comparative literature, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and Spanish. Minors in foreign languages generally require 18 hours of course work at the 200 level or above. Language instruction is also offered in Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Swahili.

Advanced Standing

Students who have studied a foreign language during the five years preceding their enrollment at USC must take the placement test in that language. A maximum of 7 or 8 semester hours of advanced standing credit for 121-122 courses in one foreign language may be earned on the basis of completion (with a grade of B or better) of the first 200-level or above 3-credit course in that foreign language; 4 hours credit for 121 may be awarded for a grade of B or better in a 122 course. Courses that may not be offered for advanced standing credit are: all CLAS courses, FREN 290, 295, 315, 397, and 399: GERM 315, 398, and 399; LATN 314, 315, and 399; and SPAN 315, 350, 398, and 399.


Students will not normally be permitted to repeat for credit foreign language units previously earned in high school or college. Freshmen achieving advanced standing at the University may be permitted to validate certain omitted courses, according to current regulations, and should consult the department for further information. Students who have learned English as a foreign language may, with the concurrence of the dean of their college and that of the chair of the department, be exempted from the language requirement without credit. Such students will, at the discretion of the department, be excluded from courses in their native language.

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures



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